Life Update and Announcement!

Hi friends, its been a hot minute 😅. As most of you know I was struggling terribly with my health during December 2019, which seriously hampered my Christmas plans. That was a bummer. Then I spent the earlier half of January 2020 trying to recover and get back into a routine.

During that time I decided to try and just take things easy so I held off on doing a few activities to give my body a chance to recooperate. That decidedly took longer than I intially anticipated for various reasons. I had a bit of a crisis of self.

What I mean by that is during my time of not doing anything I really started to reevaluate to value of things I had been doing before I got sick. There are so many dreams that I’ve had over the years and projects that I’ve wanted to do and honestly I just kept talking about them but never made any moves to do any of them. That bothers me.

I started feeling like my life was really lacking purpose. Sure I was doing this blog but at the same time I was allowing so many talents and skills that God has given to me to lie dormant within myself and go to waste. I was talking about purpose alot but I wasn’t walking in it myself. I felt like a fraud.

That led me to do some real soul searching and I had to ask myself, “what do I have to offer this world? How can I serve God’s people with the tools he’s given me.” The question came easily. The answer? Not so much. I felt like I was pulling teeth, my own teeth, trying to get answers. Until a friend of mine, Mark, helped me out by pushing me to say aloud the things that I’m passionate about (i.e. super interested in) – more details on that later.

It took me a while to answer because I had to be honest with myself, which is sometimes a vulnerable position to be in. And during that time I didn’t feel right blogging, there was just a block for me, which left you guys hanging and I’m really sorry about that.

This time of soul searching has really pushed me out of my comfort zone which is a great thing because I truly believe that’s the only way we can grow. And with this growth I have some great news to share with you and a bunch of new projects on the way.

In about a month, Keela’s Chronicles will be releasing its first ever…. (wait for it).

Prayer Journal!

You heard it heard it here first and as the days go by leading up to the release I will be sharing a lot more about it with all of and many of you may get the opportunity to receive special prizes and giveaways.

Yes, friends you read correctly and I am so excited to share this news with you. Amid the growing panic and frustration in the world I still believe that 2020 has the potential to be a year of great things for the vast majority. And as believers I think our response to this new pandemic ‘Covid-19’ #Coronavirus should be one of prayer, praise and practicality. Stay tuned for my post on this soon.

Thank you all for your patience with me this year and I look forward to growing with the Chroniclers Community so much more during this year.

Remember to stay positive chroniclers. I love you all ♥️♥️♥️.

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