Quarantine Art

Randomly, one of my coworkers, who is also a really good friend gave me this piece of art work. She said she felt that sharing a little art in this time of uncertainty could help ease some discomfort and what better way that to share a positive message of hope and faith.

Covid-19 might be causing serious harm to the human race, but in many ways I believe that through this crisis many are gaining back lost portions of their humanity.

Share a little kindness today (it doesn’t matter if you’re far away). An encouraging text, a funny memory, a ridiculous video, a steading scripture. Let’s all gain a bit more humanity through this journey.

Stay positive Chroniclers! Wash your hands, pratice social distancing and most of all be safe. Love you guys ♥️♥️

Published by Keela's Chronicles

Keela's Chronicles was started by Jann Jacobs, a wife, entrepreneur and aspiring author. Jann created this blog to share her personal experiences, about faith and the road to turning her passion and life purpose into a profit. She believes whole-heartedly in the principles of the scripture Proverbs 18:16, "A man's gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men". Thus, she uses her gifts not only to inspire others but also to make a living, and she believes that everyone has the potential to do the same.

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