Prayer in Pandemic

Copy of Prayer in Pandemic

Soooo, my country is officially on 24 hour lock-down! So as of yesterday, no more work, no more church, no more outside, no more sun! I almost feel like a vampire….

When they finally let us out of quarantine!

I kid, I kid, we can go outside but we’re restricted to our yards. The day of the announcement, the citizens went crazy! Like I mean really crazy. All the major supermarkets and even the little ‘mom and pop’ shops were so packed they were practically breeding grounds for this same virus we are on lockdown from.

Tonight marks 2 full days on lockdown (that’s actually what they’re calling it here) and so many people are already feeling antsy. And I’ve almost burn through all of my snacks 😫!

I know most of my American and European followers have been under quarantine and/or in self isolation for weeks. I can’t begin to imagine what you guys are going through right now. I know some are feeling restless, others a feeling caged in and claustrophobic and many are terrified because they can’t get in contact with their families and haven’t seen some loved ones in weeks. It’s always different when you see with your own eyes that someone is okay than just hearing it.

I want to encourage you guys to keep being positive and try as much as possible to be productive. As you know I am currently working on releasing a prayer journal and during this period of essentially waiting on the all clear,  I’m realizing more and more how much prayer can really be a safe haven.

Took this picture while waiting for my tea to finish brewing. About to put in some more work in this journal.

There is nothing more freeing and comforting than being able to share all of my emotions with my Father knowing completely that in His presence there is total understanding and a lack of critical judgement.

Of course I know God is the only righteous judge and that we will all be judged one day for our deeds (or lack thereof on this earth). But I also know that I can bring all my burdens to God knowing that he will carry them for me. He won’t ridicule me or make me feel stupid because of them.

I’ve been finding so much peace and comfort in working on this journal especially in this emotionally trying and physically draining time. I really hope that upon its release it will be a true blessing to all of you like it has been to me.

Let’s keep praying for each other, trusting that God will see us and our families through this time. We might feel pressed on every side right now but we are definitely not crushed (2 Corin. 4:8-12). This is the best time to practice being our brother’s keeper. Check in on your friends and family, your coworkers and neighbours, even the ones you think are strong (whether mentally or physically) and share an encouraging word or even scripture.

Remember to stay positive Chroniclers! I love you guys and I’m praying for you. ♥️♥️♥️

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