Try Something New

Try Something New!

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A few weeks ago I had the awesome opportunity to be a guest of the Resist The Urge Podcast, hosted by my dearest friend. It was the first time I’d ever done anything like that. I mean, she and I often have really meaningful conversations about lots of deep topics but this time it was different. I don’t know if it was just the fact that I knew I was being recorded or the knowledge that lots of people would later listen to what I said, but it was different. It didn’t stop me from doing it though. I tried something new and I have to say I loved it.

Interestingly enough, the topic of the podcast episode that day was also “Try Something New”. Listen to the Episode here!

As most of you know, I’ve recently ventured into some new business avenues. At the beginning of 2020, after hearing a sermon at church, I dubbed this year a year of Decisive Moves! I decided to go after everything that I’ve dreamed about, thought about, been inspired to try, etc. I made the decision, that this year I would work for what I wanted and stop waiting on life to hand me things. I made the decision to Try Something New.

I know you’ve heard the saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results” – Albert Einstein. This year what I figured out is that this doesn’t just apply to you doing the same thing expecting different results, but it’s watching others do the same thing and trying to do it just like them expecting something different to happen.

Wisdom is not attained only by your experiences and mistakes, but also by the observation and learning from the experiences and mistakes of others.

I’ve witnessed generations of people, family, friends, neighbours, who have worked hard at the same thing over and over and still poverty consumes their lives and mediocrity is like a dark cloud over their heads. This year I decided that this narrative would not be my story, my legacy.

When I first started this blog, I was so hesitant because I didn’t know anyone else who was doing the same thing. Sure I’ve read and followed other blogs but in my own circle and community, I didn’t know of one person who was even interested in blogging; but I was. At first I as so desperate to fit in and so afraid of criticism and ridicule that I almost didn’t do it. But then I pushed ahead and I tried something new! (Read the full story here.)

I don’t want to live the rest of my life working for “the man”; and I don’t want to live my life from paycheck to paycheck; and I definitely don’t want to live my life working a job the rest of my days that I don’t like. And I don’t think God wants to me either. So, I tried something new!

First I started an Etsy store. I know that to many of you that might not be big deal, but again it was something that no one in my circle or community was doing. I did a lot of research, especially since I live outside the US. Then after all my research was finished, I finally opened Passion Purpose Prints, an etsy digital downloads store where I mainly produce inspirational wall art and beautiful designs of scriptures. At first I didn’t want to tell anyone I had opened it because of fear, but then I did it anyway and you want to know what happened? So many people I know were so interested in my designs and some even wanted to start their own stores and I was able to help them.

Then I started my very own journal line on Amazon! Y’all know I’m all about journaling. I believe it’s one of the greatest ways to get out emotions that feel troublesome or overwhelming (whether that be negative or positive). I’ve also learned that journalling is a great way to see how far you’ve come compared to where you were at another stage in your past. It’s amazing to be able to read your previous journal entries and either realize that the pain that seemed completely consuming at the time has now dulled or disappeared completely, or something you were hoping and praying for has come to pass.

And I’ve recently started a merch store on Redbubble! This one I’m really really excited about because I’ve always wanted to offer my own merch but I didn’t know how to go about it, but now I do!! You should go and check out my Merch Page!

So I’m not telling you all of this to brag, although I am very proud of my accomplishments so far. I do want to show you that you can do anything! Trying something new doesn’t mean automatic failure and even if you do fail the world won’t fall apart. Too many times we’re afraid of stepping out and putting ourselves out there to do something we’ve never done before, afraid of falling or failing, but why not think instead, what if I don’t fail? What if I fly? What if I succeed? What if this thing works out and its great and people love it and it brings me joy?

So try! Sometimes the thing you want to do is meant to touch just one life, to bring a smile to one face, to make someone’s day just a bit brighter than it was before, and that is beautiful! That one life, is worth it. That one smile, is worth it! You deserve to give yourself the chance to see how great you can be. Why does it have to happen for everyone else and not for you? Why does everybody else get a shot at their dreams and you don’t?

Every big thing started in a small place.

Your dreams start with you. One action, one shot, one decision to Try Something New!

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Keela's Chronicles was started by Jann Jacobs, a wife, entrepreneur and aspiring author. Jann created this blog to share her personal experiences, about faith and the road to turning her passion and life purpose into a profit. She believes whole-heartedly in the principles of the scripture Proverbs 18:16, "A man's gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men". Thus, she uses her gifts not only to inspire others but also to make a living, and she believes that everyone has the potential to do the same.

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