Poetry Corner


The tug of war raging on my insides has me in a dimension of restlessness
Caught between two extremes of an eternity to choose,
Overwhelmed by a sense of helplessness
On one side, the face of a life that I had been all too familiar with
Cloaked in the memory of every desire that had ever been fulfilled,
Every high night and floating day
It seems like a lifetime ago,
But its sweet lure fought hard to compel me to stay
I find myself, conflicted
Confronted by the reality that there is something better,
Someone greater; On the other side,
Shining with the promise of things I had yet to experience
His brilliance tugged on the strings of my heart, weakening my defense
The light He emitted exposing every painful cry, broken heart and sleepless night Flesh inflicted
Revealing every wicked dream and filthy thought
In that moment, time paused
His willingness to embrace me despite my past, had me broken
In his eyes I saw that he understood the shame that went unspoken
I was now hopelessly conflicted and unavoidably convicted.



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